Cybersecurity Symposium 2019
Southern California
FP 1Q2019
FocalPoint Speaker Series
FI$Cal 2019
Cybersecurity Symposium 2019
Northern California

What People Are Saying

"Great event, thanks for organizing!"

— CA Department of Health Care ServicesEmerging Technologies 2016

“I think year to year, the organizers have done a tremendous job to diversify in all aspects. Keep up the great work.”

— CA Department of Health Care Services, Project Delivery Summit 2016

“I really liked the SEPs, I think you can get more out of the short presentations with varying points of view and experience.
I would like to hear more about 18F and how California can have a similar group.”

— CA Department of Health Care Services, Government Transformation 2016

“Thanks for having these forums. They are definitely worthwhile!”

— CA Department of Motor Vehicles, Government Transformation 2016

“Great summit, best one so far and I've attended all.”

— CA Department of Motor Vehicles, Project Delivery Summit 2016